Calls To Close Borders Against Coronavirus From From Medical Experts

Traitors in the Dáil leave our borders open yet again as medical experts call for borders to be closed to our heavily infected European neighbors.

The Government should consider closing the country’s borders to prevent new coronavirus infections coming into the State, one of the leading infectious diseases experts has said.

Dr Paddy Mallon, a consultant at St Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin and professor of microbial diseases at UCD, said a major risk to the State was more new Covid-19 infections coming in.

“We have got our own outbreak in the country that we are trying to extinguish but the big threat is new infections coming in,” he said.

“We should be looking seriously over the next week at protecting our borders and stopping new infections coming in because it will give us the ability to control the infections that we have.”

The warning comes as the Health Service Executive said it was “impossible to predict” the timing of the peak of infections but it was planning for the worst of the crisis to hit by mid-April.

Prof Sam McConkey of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland called for political leadership to build a “unity government that helps us beat the virus in the next few months” in order to fast-track debate on possible stricter travel and quarantine rules and tracing technology for individuals.

“In a political system that is used to slow deliberation, it will not be an easy task to achieve an agreed outcome in a few days,” Prof McConkey writes in an opinion piece in Monday’s Irish Times.



The criteria for testing were changed on March 24th to ensure the service was targeted on high-risk groups. Photograph: AFP via Getty Images



Spain, France and the UK reported their highest daily death tolls from coronavirus on Tuesday as the number of fatalities in the US passed those in China.

Spain registered 849 fatalities related to coronavirus overnight – the highest number in 24 hours since the epidemic started.

The health ministry said the death toll rose to 8,189 on Tuesday from 7,340 on Monday, while the number of cases rose to 94,417 on Tuesday from 85,195.

Spain is Europe’s second worst-hit country after Italy and its government is preparing new measures on Tuesday to help households and exempt small firms from social security payments.

Health emergency chief Fernando Simon, who tested positive for the virus on Monday, said in a video news conference, Spain was unlikely to need further restrictive measures, besides those already announced.



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