Catholic Faith Ripped From Irish Schools!

Catholic ethos will be forced out of Irish schools to make way for multiculturalism and diversity. The New Plantation continues with this assault on our Faith.


State secondary schools are set to phase out Catholic influences such as mandatory graduation masses, the display of Catholic symbols only and visits from diocesan inspectors.

The changes will occur in more than 200 secondary schools run by the State’s Education and Training Boards (ETBs).

These former vocational schools are now classed as multidenominational.

An unpublished document on the core values of these schools has raised concerns that Catholic practices are normalised in many State schools, according to The Irish Times.

The “framework for the recognition of religious belief/identities of all students in ETB schools” includes steps schools should follow to create a multidenominational environment.



One recommendation is that any religious symbols on display should echo the beliefs of the wider school community rather than one particular religion.

Meanwhile, schools should have balance in religious celebrations. This would mean displaying a crib at Christmas but also Islamic symbols for Eid.

The framework also states that ETB schools will not offer religious instruction for a particular faith during the school day.

Instead, schools will be instructed to offer the State curriculum on religious education. This aims to educate students on a wide range of different religions and beliefs.

Meanwhile, religion teachers can only receive training from groups that support the 'multidenominational spirit' of an ETB school.

The document also states that the Department of Education should be the only authority to inspect religious education, and not diocesan inspectors.

Schools that do mark specific religious events and celebrations must do so on an opt-in basis rather than making these events mandatory.




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