It’s ON! The first Irish Nationalist Newspaper in a Generation

It’s ON!

The first Irish Nationalist Newspaper in over 50 years WILL be launched in January!

Will YOU be part of this historical breakthrough?

We’re ALL being gagged and strangled! Banned from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter by the liberal social media giants. Meanwhile, the elite control of the old ‘mainstream’ papers and broadcasting outlets is exploited against us more ruthlessly than ever.

I share your frustration and anger about the clampdown. It’s time to stop being the helpless victims of corporate fake news and liberal censorship. It’s time to build our own voice!

In a strange way, the liberals have done us a favour by throwing us off social media. Because, for all that it gave us the ability to spread ideas, the whole thing was only VIRTUAL reality. It could always be switched off at any moment – and it was never REAL!

An army of individuals in their bedrooms is not an army, and it’s a political army that we need to win power and turn things around. So how are we going to build a political army? Not online, but on the streets? I’m talking about real POWER!

By launching a REAL newspaper. A paper that WE write. A paper that spreads not just the censored news they try to keep from you, but also OUR answers! A paper with which we will build a NETWORK of distributors and activists. Not virtual reality castles in the sky, but a REAL LIFE, POLITICAL, CAMPAIGNING MOVEMENT!

This new movement is  Siol na hEireann –  which translates as ‘The Seed of Ireland’, although  English can’t really do justice to the power of the name to true Irish patriots.

This won’t be cheap, but it must be done. And it has to be kept going, a ‘flash in the pan’ is no use at all. I’m in this for the long haul, so I need your help.

We’ve worked out what we need not just to start this vital project, but also to keep it going until it funds itself as it spreads practical, hard-line nationalist ideals

That figure is 7,400 Euros ($8,300), and I need your passion and love for OUR Ireland to help me raise this. Will you stand with me and be part of Irelands struggle for her very survival or will you sit back and play the role of spectator?

I know our people and I think I know YOU and I am confident that now you will help us to launch the Irish Patriot as the beating heart of a vibrant Irish nationalist movement for a 2st century rebirth of all we hold dear.

A movement for Ireland and the Irish, but a movement whose advances and victories will also bring inspiration and hope to people of our race, faith and heritage right around the planet. And it starts here and now, with the Irish Patriot!  Are you with me?

PS: Happy new year - 2020, the year we start to take Ireland back!

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