Let's Drain the Bog: Support my General Election Campaign


The elites have sprung a snap election giving us only 3 WEEKS to respond.  This is a disgraceful abuse of our electoral system and is designed to disadvantage smaller parties and to smash the patriots like myself. 

As anyone who knows me personally will tell you, I am a man of my word, so, I am pleased to announce to all my supporters that I will be running to represent Donegal as TD and unseat the traitors, fake nationalists and cronies that have bled our country dry.


I’m not running to take part; I am running to takeover!

I want to give a voice to those left behind by the Fianna Fáil/Fine Gael cartel and the neo-Marxists of Sinn Féin; those voiceless Irishmen and women who have seen their lives turned upside down by mass immigration, the destruction of our farming industry by the EU and the corruption that has crippled our public services.

Make no mistake, I have a proper, well-oiled machine behind me, and it is no exaggeration to say I feel the hand of time is on the shoulders of myself and my fellow patriots in this election.

But I cannot do it alone!

If we want to rock the establishment, I will need your physical, spiritual and financial support. I am not asking you to break the bank but if all my supporters can spare just €20 or even €10, I will have more than enough to make sure I can run a full, professional and successful campaign.

Together we can make history. If we fail, the generations to come will ask why you did nothing when Ireland’s future was on the line!

I am running to represent the real Irish, not the “New Irish.” As Pearse said: Ireland, from the centre to the zenithbelongs to the Irish.”


Are you with me?

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  • mark connell
    commented 2020-01-14 22:59:55 +0000
    good luck! We need good men in our Dáil like you Niall.
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