Varadkar Compared To Trump?

In a bizarre turn of events, Leo Varadkar has been compared to Donald Trump over his trashing of NPHET.


Pubs To Stay Closed!

Pubs and retail will be taking another massive hit this Winter with closures for at least the next 6 weeks if not much longer.


Petrol Bombs Thrown At Greek Police

The immigrant invasion continues at the Greek border as violent clashes between police, migrants and Far-Left extremists spiral out of control.

Teacher Who Insulted Islam Beheaded In France

The suspect has been shot after beheading a history teacher who showed cartoons of Mohommed in class. When will Ireland enjoy the benefits of multiculturalism like our allies in France? Very soon!

Level 5 On The Way!

A Level 5 lockdown was always on the way this Winter, it's time to prepare for the worst before it happens. Thousands will be homeless and many more will be without work.

Perverted Material At National Youth Theatre

Shocking reports detail the perversion running through the theatre industry in Ireland.


Irish Patriots