Christian Mother Fired Resisting Sex Ed Extremism In Primary School!

A pastoral worker has been fired in England for sharing a petition against the "No Outsiders" homosexual indoctrination programme being forced on children across the Uk. Ireland will be next!


Savage Killers Of Italian Teen In Court!

The savage killers of Desirée Mariottini are currently standing the trial for the rape and murder of the defenceless 16 year old girl.


Yet Another Galway Plantation!

The plantation of Ireland continues! 650 beds were secured earlier this year for savage planters, 35 apartments in Galway is only the beginning.


Council Send Letters To Flats Over COV19!

What you do in your own home is now the state's business! The totalitarian lockdown continues with letters being sent to houses found to be in breach of the extreme and draconian restrictions. 


Taoiseach Attacks Patriots For Protesting!

Liberal traitor Michael Martin has attacked patriot rallies in Dublin as irresponsible while he leaves our border wide open to mass immigration! He accuses Anti Mask rallies of "violence" while ignoring Far Left extremists who make calls to "Bash the Fash" and openly call for violence.


New Law To Execute Rapists and Castrate Pedos!

Progressive new law in Nigeria shows the way forward for women's rights and the protection of children.


Irish Patriots