Dublin Pride to RTE: We decide what you broadcast, not you.

There’s no other real way to read this statement, is there? Dublin Pride clearly feels that, if RTE wishes to remain “partnered” with them, then Dublin Pride must have an effective veto over what RTE broadcasts. This past week, Joe Duffy allowed some very ungood wrongthink on the radio, and therefore, RTE is unceremoniously being given the boot from the Pride Festival.

Illegal migrant crossings into EU on the rise, says Frontex

According to the EU’s official border police agency, Frontex, there have been 86,000 illegal border crossings into the bloc detected since January of this year.

University midwife students taught to care for men giving birth 'through their penis'

University midwife students taught to care for men giving birth 'through their penis'.


Sinn Féin Senator Lynn Boylan has landed herself in hot water – not least with some others on the left – after she “liked” a tweet that appears to advocate or condone violence against women who have been labelled  “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists” or TERFs by radical transgender activists. 

Foreigner due to face trial for the murders of his wife and kids found dead in prison

He was suspected of the murder of his wife Seema Banu (37), daughter Asfira (11) and son Faizan (6), in October 2020.

Algerian man accused of sexually assaulting 'lone, vulnerable' woman twice in Cork City

A young woman walking home alone in Cork City was approached “in a calculated manner” by a man who sexually assaulted her twice at two different locations.

Irish Patriots