Foreign worker (21) accused of assaulting man with knife

A WAREHOUSE worker assaulted a colleague before following him and damaging his car, it is alleged.

Somali Man admits slaughtering four goats on a housing estate

A man slaughtered four baby goats in a house on a busy housing estate, a court heard yesterday.

Former French Intelligence Chief: “All Multicultural Societies Are Doomed”

Fears civil war caused by mass immigration.


Sex offender Chico Makamda has been spotted roaming around Dublin, two months after he was ordered to leave the country.

EU Head Says Ukraine “Belong[s] To Us” As She Announces TOTAL BAN On RT and Sputnik News Broadcasts

Last week we reported that it seemed increasingly likely that countries in Europe would shut down RT’s broadcasts, labelling the channel ‘Russian propaganda’. Now it has been confirmed by the European Commission president.

Woman claims she was told 'bring an umbrella' to watch mum die in nursing home

We spent over two hours outside the window, watching her die alone. Not one member of staff went into that room with my mother, to check to see how long she was going to last"

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