Irish Abortion Survivors Left To Die

Born alive abortion survivors in Ireland are left to die without any medical help as the sick and evil farce of "A Woman's Right To Choose" continues to unravel as the mass murder it really is.


2 Boys Beaten, Forced To Dig Own Graves

Sweden's strength is clearly proven to be it's rich ethnic diversity as 2 Swedish boys are beaten raped and forced to dig their own graves. #EndThePlantation

Bloody Sunday Centenary

Read the history of Bloody Sunday, this year the State refuses to allow commemorations for the victims of British occupation on the centenary of the massacre.


"End SARS" and BLM Join Forces

BLM has joined forces with "End SARS" to protest "systemically racist policing" in the US and Nigeria, it may come as a surprise to some but Nigeria's police force treat their African population with far more brutality than their American counterparts. Must be systemic racism to blame.

No Guarantee Lockdown Won't Be Extended

NPHET may not be considering an extension now, but won't give any guarantees about whether or not it will end on the expected dates.


Lessons from Europe: The Netherlands

Lessons for nationalists from the most liberal country in Europe.


Irish Patriots