Financial Times Says Europeans Should “Prepare for Demographic Replenishment by Arabs and Asians”

The Financial Times has published an article which asserts that people living in European countries should “prepare for demographic replenishment by Arabs and Asians.”

'Headbutting a keyboard is now a sexuality'

Justin Trudeau has been mocked online for using the latest sexual identities acronym, which includes a number, nine letters and the plus sign.

Asylum Seeker Knifeman Shot Dead at German Asylum Home

Police fatally shot a Sudanese asylum seeker armed with a knife at an asylum home in Lower Saxony, after the man attacked the officers.

The “Energy Crisis” is not an accident. It is Green Policy

The Green Party believe that the world is facing an existential crisis because people are burning too many fossil fuels. In order to save the world, they say, we must (their words) “keep it in the ground”. They want us to use less energy and electricity. They want us to become “more efficient”.

Trans athlete Laurel Hubbard named 'Sportswoman of the Year'

The Sportswoman of the Year award has never before been given to a biological male, meaning Hubbard's taking of the prize makes a notable mark in the 113 year history of the award.

Give women free contraception, Greens urge

Women in Ireland should be given free contraception, the Green party has urged. 

Irish Patriots