Chinese Immigrants Involved In Sex Trade

A Chinese Immigrant has claimed a "cultural misunderstanding" when caught running a brothel in Dublin. She claimed that "happy endings" are "standard practice" in China.

Trump "Count The Legal Votes and I Win"

President Donald Trump promised Thursday to level significant legal action to challenge elections in important swing states after watching his margin of victory whittled away by late-counted ballots for Vice President Joe Biden.


First LGBTQ GAA Club

"The Gay Gael", or Gael Aereacha is the name of a new GAA club set up to pervert the minds of the youth and propagandise homosexual lifestyles to vulnerable youngsters.


Trump In Heated Battle For Georgia

Georgia once a conservative heartland is now a hotly contested swing state. Where does this leave Trump's aspirations to Keep America Great? Only time will tell.

Manhunt Underway For Vienna Terrorists

The hunt is on for the savage killers who gunned down a dozen Vienna residents and attacked a synagogue in the Capital of Austria.

"Terrorist Attack" In Vienna 1 Killed Others Injured

Breaking news, suspected terror attack on Viennese synagogue latest in a spree of savagely violent attacks in France.


Irish Patriots