Columbus Statue Vandalised In Galway

Irish statues are being vandalised and attacked by left wing extremists while Fine Gael calls for the desecration of Republican monuments.


Irish Heritage Under Attack As Councillor Calls For Removal of Sean Russell Statue

Our unelected, anti Irish, Fine Gael government are now calling for 1916 hero Sean Russell's statue to be taken down. Our history and identity are under attack yet again.

Statue of Republican Hero Sean Russell To Be Torn Down!

West Brit Leo Wants Statue Of Easter Week Veteran Seán Russell Removed To Appease Race Baiting Left Wing Extremists


Dublin Now One Of The Most Expensive Cities In Eurozone!

Dublin is now trhe most expensive city in the Eurozone due to our treacherous Free State government and their suicidal immigration policies and oppressive taxation.

17 Year Old Charged In Brutal Cork Stabbing Case

Gardai have charged a 17 year old in relation to the shocking stabbing of a young Irish man, with assault and robbery not attempted murder! This is shockingly lenient for such a brutal attack.

African Youths Attack Irish Teenager In Carrigaline

Yet another vicious assault on an Irish youngster, this is the consequence of mass third world immigration.


Irish Patriots