Cork Anti Lockdown Protest Sees Hundreds On The Streets!

The lockdown isn't set to last, the people are beginning to wake up and smell the bacon!


Pubs Are Hammered Again By Extreme COVID19 Record Keeping

Irish pubs will be forced to close by extreme burdens the EU Loyalist Free State has decided to force on them.


Ryanair Threatens To Leave Ireland Over COVID19 Measures!

Airline giant Ryanair is pushing the Free State to back off on COVID19 lockdown measures. Will Martin side with big business or the liberal globalists this time?


Friends Remember Trump Supporter Murdered After Rally

Violence against American patriots is reaching civil war proportions!


Gemma O'Doherty To Appear In Court Next Month!

The government is coming down on Irish Patriots hard but this is only the beginning. Hate speech laws will be coming soon as per published government plans.


Ryanair Flight Captured By Terrorists!

A Ryanair flight bound for Stanstead was intercepted by fighter jets and surrounded by armed police as it landed. 2 men have been arrested under suspicion of terrorism.


Irish Patriots