Pubs Closed and Borders Open?

CSO reveals 164,400 overseas passenger arrivals into Ireland in December. With a 5km limit on movement around our homes, we might be locked n but the airports are open for business and hundreds of thousands of passengers are arriving every day!


Blasphemous Documentary Portrays Jesus As Gay

Heretical priests and Anti-Christian directors team up to portray Jesus Christ as a homosexual, the War On Christianity never ends!


1088 Chinese Pay Up To €1 Million For Residency

Irish residency is for sale, but only for the right price. I don't remember reading "Ireland Belongs To The Wealthy Foreign Business Owner" in the Proclamation, do you?


New lockdown Until March 5th!

Another 6 weeks of lockdown has been confirmed! Will there be a single small business owner left after this?


Diversity Ramped Up As First Turban Wearing Garda Revealed

The Guards now have their own Diversity Squad with a Turban wearing Indian at the forefront, from The


"Born Alive" Bill To Become Law In Kentucky

"Born Alive" Executive Order is signed into law in Kentucky, protecting abortion survivors from being brutally murdered.


Irish Patriots