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In Moscow, 97 new churches have been built in ten years

The Primate of the Russian Church drew attention to the fact that the capital is in last place among all regions of Russia in terms of the ratio of churches and the Orthodox population. According to His Holiness, in order to achieve the average value in Russia - 11.2 thousand people per parish, 591 churches need to be built in Moscow. After the construction of 200 new churches in Moscow, their total number will be only 27% of the Russian average. Nevertheless, this program, according to the Patriarch, is "an important step towards bringing the number of churches closer to the Russian average."

Irish Catholic Hold Rosary Rallies in Defiance of the Government

Irish Catholics gathered for Rosary Rallies today in defiance of the anti Catholic government in a shocking week in which attendance at Mass was made a criminal offence.

Institute For Strategic Dialogue: Case Study in Media Astroturfing

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue released a report this week detailing their intelligence-gathering on what they call the Irish “far-right”. There is nothing new in this document, and it seems more like a compendium of their greatest hits already released through The Journal, rather than anything resembling an academic or professional document.

BREAKING: Senior Irish doctors are being trained for controversial late-term abortion practice

A new report has confirmed that senior Irish doctors are undergoing “international training” in a controversial late-term abortion method known as Dilation and Evacuation, with a view to carrying out such abortions in this country.  

Argentina Abortion Campaigner Killed By Abortion

When abortion was legalised in Argentina in recent months, the celebrations were even more vulgar than those in Ireland in 2018.

Irish Patriots