Calls To Close Borders Against Coronavirus From From Medical Experts

Traitors in the Dáil leave our borders open yet again as medical experts call for borders to be closed to our heavily infected European neighbors.

Pensioner With Coronavirus Found Without Food for 10 Days!

Pensioner found without food for 10 days. This can happen in England and it can happen here, our elderly need our help more than ever during this COVID19 lockdown. Click here, join us and help the Irish Food Aid project.

Italy and Spain Betrayed By EU Bureaucrats

As the EU refuses to send aid to beleaguered Italy and Spain during the Coronavirus crisis while China sends medical aid! Italians are seen burning EU flags online. Is this the beginning of the end for the Union?

Abortionists Want Coronavirus Travel Restrictions Lifted For Abortion Procedures

Radical Abortionists in Sinn Féin, the Social Democrats and Solidarity-People Before Profit Want Quarantine Exceptions To Allow the Murder of Irish Babies.

Irish Patriots