Man Pulls Gun On Pro Lifers!

A man in Delaware was arrested after pulling a gun on Pro-Life activists outside and abortion centre. A very disturbing insight into the mind of an abortionist.


Crime Spiking Across Ireland!

Crime in Ireland is out of control and the PC police want you to believe that this multicultural society is safe. Nonsense.


Fianna Fail Minister Resigns After COVID19 Fiasco

They take social distancing so seriously that they resign over it? But never once has closing the borders been proposed? Calleary's resignation is yet another COVIDIOT hysteria.


COVID vaccine will be ‘as mandatory as you can possibly make it’ Australian Prime Minister Says

The Prime Minister of Australia made statements on making the mythical COVID19 vaccine mandatory. Whose hands are in his pockets and why are they Big Pharma's?


Scaremogering Begins Again! A Fresh Lockdown For Ireland!

The Free State government is locking Ireland down again, surely devastating rural towns and villages and destroying the future of Ireland's youth!

Warnings Of Lockdown In Tipperary!

Locals are warning that a local lockdown in Tipperary will cause economic devastation, likely causing more deaths than COVID19 ever could. The Midlands is already being destroyed, Tipperary could be next.



Irish Patriots