Sri Lankan Minister Took Anti COVID Magic Potion, Has "COVID"

As if clown world couldn't become even more bizarre, a Sri Lankan government minister who took a magic "Anti COVID Potion" has now tested positive for the virus. Thankfully, due to the death rate being lower than the seasonal flu, the Minister will be fine.


Abortion Is The Leading Cause Of Death World Wide

COVID19 deaths are nothing compared with the mass holocaust of unborn children the world over, where is the outrage? The establishment is more than happy to let these massacres continue.


Lockdown Will Continue Until May!

The state will be forcing us into lockdown until May before letting retail open up, Level 5 restrictions may continue until Mid February or March at the earliest! This will destroy what is left of the Irish economy without a doubt!


Trump Pardons Bannon But Not Himself

Steve Bannon, the man behind the 2016 Trump election campaign, has been pardoned by Trump during his final hours in office.


Rip Off Republic! Ireland 13th Most Expensive Place

With the 4th highest rent prices in Europe Ireland is really is a rip-off. With mass immigration driving demand for houses and emigration the only viable option for young Irish people, we are set to see the Great Replacement sooner than any other country!


Who's Funding The Trans Industry?

Who is really funding the Transgender ideology in Ireland and why is this poison being forced into our schools and universities at breakneck speed?


Irish Patriots