Denmark denied asylum to refugees, arguing it's safe for them to go home to Syria

Denmark's Refugee Appeals Board denied asylum requests by three Syrian women, arguing that they didn't face any individual dangers in returning to their hometown of Damascus

Three inmates stage protest on roof of mountjoy prison

Three prisoners have spent the night on the roof of Mountjoy Prison in Dublin after breaking out.

Bishop of Galway says we must recover our reputation as Ireland of the Welcomes

The Bishop of Galway says it’s important that we recover our reputation as Ireland of the Welcomes

Irish Government launches National LGBT+ Inclusion Strategy

Following on from the public consultation phase, the Irish Government have officially launched Ireland's National LGBT+ Inclusion Strategy 2019-2021.

German Army to Get Military Rabbis Again After 100 Years

BERLIN — Germany's government decided Wednesday to reintroduce military rabbis, backing a proposal by the Central Council of Jews to restore religious counseling for Jews serving in the armed forces after more than a century without such assistance.

Leo Varadkar refuses offer to volunteer and help homeless this Christmas

When asked if he would consider showing leadership on this by volunteering on Christmas Day, he said no

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