Sweden’s PM won’t blame immigrants for surge… in immigrant crime

With gang crime soaring in Sweden, the country’s Prime Minister still refuses to blame immigration for the problem. The statistics prove him wrong, but in Sweden, social justice is more important than actual justice.

Gang are arrested after 7 sex workers beaten and robbed

Gardai believe they have busted a crime group that has been targeting sex workers in violent attacks across the country.

There's been an increase in sexual assaults among teens, says Cari

THERE’S BEEN AN increase in the number of teenagers who’ve reported being sexually assaulted when socialising with other teens, according to an annual report by the voluntary organisation Children At Risk in Ireland (Cari).

Couple accused of female genital mutilation claim daughter sustained injuries when she fell on toy

A COUPLE ACCUSED of carrying out female genital mutilation (FGM) on their daughter at their home in Dublin in 2016 have claimed she sustained her injuries after falling on a toy.

Major taxi scam uncovered as 180 non-EU nationals obtain licences despite having no legal status in Ireland

Gardaí have uncovered evidence of a major scam in which 180 non-EU nationals obtained taxi licences using fraudulent PSV applications despite having no legal status in this country.

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