Marxist O'Gorman Calls For Hate Crime Laws!

When Marxist extremists call for "Active Anti Racism" what they really mean is turning our country into an even more liberal PC basket case.

Goldman Sachs Denies Involvement In Lawless Dublin Eviction!

KBC Bank claims to have to sold the property to Beltany, a Goldman Sachs owned vulture fund, but Beltany claims to not be in possession of the property. If that sounds suspicious it's probably because it is.


RTE Begs For Money While Presenters Bring Home 300k!

RTE is the most overpaid civil service in Irish history, yet they endlessly complain of a lack of funding. Ever thought about cutting salaries?


Massive Job Losses and Recession In Uk Ireland Will be Next!

The UK is going through the homelessness, evictions and job losses that we will in only a few short months. Prepare!

"Youth Gangs" Run Riot In Dublin

So-called "Youth gangs" are continuing to terrorise Dublin communities. When will An Gardai Siochana start to crack down on this savage crime wave?


Knock Shrine Forced To Close On Busiest Day Of The Year!

The totalitarian lockdown regime continues it's assault on Irish heritage forcing Knock Shrine to close blocking thousands of pilgrims from one of out most important holy sites.


Irish Patriots