What Happened To Flu Deaths?

Why aren't we seeing any flu deaths this year? They need a reason to pretend COVID is deadly of course! (from


Ralph Lauren Drops Golfer For "Homophobia"

A golfer has been dropped by fashion giant Ralph Lauren who now refuses to sponsor him after he was caught using "homophobic" language.


BLM Explodes After Deadly Arrest In Belgium

Violent BLM anti-police demonstrations are rocking Brussells, now the EU's seat of power can experience the wonders of diversity for themselves.


Mass Goers Arrested!

COVIDIOT tyranny continues as Gardai arrest 3 men for praying outside the Most Holy Trinity Cathedral.


Dems Are Trying To Impeach Trump!

The Demonrats are doing their very best to attempt their legal Coup against Donald Trump after Stop The Steal protesters entered the Capitol building.


Tragic! Babies Die In Hospital Fire

Irish Patriots