Fake Migrant Rapes Woman He Asked to Marry For Residency

Lawyers for a man accused of raping a woman who was seeking asylum have suggested to the alleged victim that her objective in meeting the defendant was to secure residency here.

Anti-Racist Millionaire gets a dose of Diversity

In recent days, Bernard Tapie has been talked about a lot. Not for a dark financial muddle in which would be involved the businessman, seriously ill today.

Varadkar Confirms Vaccine Passport on the Way

George Orwell's 1984 is coming into fruition, as Tánaiste Leo Varadkar confirms the roll-out of a vaccine passport for Ireland.

Calls to replace the Irish National flag & National Anthem

A quarter of TDs and Senators in the Republic would be unwilling to lose the tricolour and national anthem as part of efforts to achieve a united Ireland, a new survey has shown.

Hazel Chu: Has Diversity Politics Come Back to Haunt the Greens?

Has Hazel Chu reached too far and tipped over the boat? Or was there some other motive to her gambit to which we are not privy? Despite the rancour from some elements of the Green Parliamentary Party at her attempt to run as an independent candidate for the Seanad by-election, the Party officially decided to defer discussing motions of no confidence against her.

Sinn Féin: “Far-right disinformation” is “hacking into the minds” of Irish troops

Sinn Féin have put in a submission to the Commission on the Defence Forces, warning of the alleged danger of “far-right disinformation hacking into the minds” of Irish soldiers, posing a “serious threat to democracy itself.”

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