2020 Centenary Kevin Barry's Grandniece

Kevin Barry's grandniece tells us what it's like to be a relation of the Republican Boy Hero.


55% Of People Want COVID Vaccine

Most Irish people will take the planned COVID19 vaccine.

Terence McSwiney Centenary

Friend of Terence McSwiney Geraldine Neeson remembers the martyred Lord Mayor Of Cork and his great sacrifice for the Irish Republic.

Christians Call For Churches To Re-Open

Catholics will be back to the Mass Rocks sooner than this degenerate government will open our Churches again.

Poland Effectively Bans Abortion

Poland has made progress for the rights of the unborn, banning the murder of the unborn in almost all cases.

Lift Up Your Arms Christian Soldiers!

Christian Soldiers, Lift Up Your Arms!

Carmelite Nuns of the Holy Face O. Carm



Irish Patriots