New Law To Execute Rapists and Castrate Pedos!

Progressive new law in Nigeria shows the way forward for women's rights and the protection of children.


Micheál Martin Confirms HUGE Pension Untouched By Cuts!

Martin will still be receiving an enormous pension when he leaves office despite cuts across the board.


Trump Takes A Stand Against Border In The North!

Trump's special envoy to Ireland has shown a strong US opposition to the disastrous plans for a hard border post Brexit.


Dublin Lockdown Destroying Jobs!

Jobs are in limbo as guidelines constantly change in Dublin.


Hammer Blow As Dublin Pubs Forced To Stay Shut!

Ireland's pubs hit with another hammer blow as Dublin's wet pubs have been forced to stay closed again!

Varadkar Threatens Lockdown In Dublin!

After patriots rallied in the capital the Free State threatens a lockdown, they've gone so far as to blame Irish patriots for the increase in cases!


Irish Patriots