Massive Job Losses and Recession In Uk Ireland Will be Next!

The UK is going through the homelessness, evictions and job losses that we will in only a few short months. Prepare!

"Youth Gangs" Run Riot In Dublin

So-called "Youth gangs" are continuing to terrorise Dublin communities. When will An Gardai Siochana start to crack down on this savage crime wave?


Knock Shrine Forced To Close On Busiest Day Of The Year!

The totalitarian lockdown regime continues it's assault on Irish heritage forcing Knock Shrine to close blocking thousands of pilgrims from one of out most important holy sites.


BLM Ireland Has Egg On It's Face Yet Again!

The liberal management of the Shelbourne Hotel has been given 4 weeks to explain why it breached planning laws by removing the Georgian statues of Nubian princesses with their slave girls. BLM Ireland has egg on it's face yet again!

Black Police Chief Speaks Out On BLM Marxist Violence

The black police chief of Portland has spoken out on the now 10 weeks of violent rioting, looting and communist agitation in the name of Black Lives Matter.


Catholic Church in Boston Burned!

Yet another church has been burned in America! Week after week the war on Christianity goes on, church after church is being burned and nothing is done about the Marxist extremists!


Irish Patriots