Pure Evil! Child Rapist Sentenced To Only 12 Years!

Horrific child sex abuse case in which 280 charges of child rape and child pornography was adjourned yesterday with the defendant being sentenced to only 12 years in prison!


Struggling Limerick Pub Owner Forced to Close By Gardai!

Shocking scenes as a publican is forced to close his doors after Ireland's pub industry was set to open yesterday, destroying business plans of thousands of pub owners and the income of bar staff across the country.


Nantes Cathedral Set Ablaze! Another Case Of Arson?

Is this yet another case of arson on a Christian building? The attack on Christianity never ends.

Christian Mosaics To Be Covered At Hagia Sophia!

On 1 July 2016, Muslim prayers were held again in the Hagia Sophia for the first time in 85 years. In November a lawsuit was filed for converting the museum into a mosque. Now our Christian heritage is to be covered during Islamic prayer!


Thousands Risk Homelessness As No Fault Evictions Hit Hard!

Foreign vulture funds are swooping in to take advantage of renters hit hard by the COVID19 lockdown! Homelessness will rise as the government do nothing to help vulnerable Irish families.


COVID Payment Set To Decrease

COVID unemployment payment is set to decrease as the economic reality of the lockdown slowly emerges. Will there be any economy left after the anticipated second lockdown?


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