COVID Payment Set To Decrease

COVID unemployment payment is set to decrease as the economic reality of the lockdown slowly emerges. Will there be any economy left after the anticipated second lockdown?


Crushing Blow To Rural Ireland As Pubs Now To Reopen On 20th Of August

Pubs are now set to reopen on the 20th of August, Vinters Association and publicans are in outrage at the news. This government is determined to drive rural Ireland into the ground.

Churches Burned Across America!

Why is this not a global scandal? Churches are being burned across America as BLM riots rage and this trend is sure to come to Ireland shortly. Why is the media silent on this? Christian Headlines reports.


French Lawmakers Ban Extreme Muslim Brotherhood Preachers

A law passed in France bans the preaching of the extreme Islamist ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood.


Sign the petition to stop the Islamisation of Croke Park!

Statue Of Virgin Mary Burned In Boston!

The assault on our faith continues in America, will this be another Russian Revolution?


Croke Park To Be Used For Muslim Festival of Eid

The GAA has fallen from the pillar of Irish nationalism in the 20th century to the flagship of liberal extremism in the 21st.


Irish Patriots