Catholic Church Burned In Orlando!

A Catholic church has been burned in the chaos of ongoing rioting in America.

26 Pubs Caught Breaking Social Distancing Rules

Draconian measures are being used to stifle dissent while thousands simply don't believe the COVID hysteria.

Black Teen Screams "I Can't Breathe" During Garda Arrest

After an unruly house party was broken up, a video has emerged of "youth" shouting "I can't breathe" despite Gardai not applying any form of chokehold or pressure. 


Trump Pulls Out Of Globalist WHO!

Trump has made good on threats to pull out of the WHO, UN globalists will not be pleased about losing the WHO's primary funder.


Irish Pubs Packed As Scaremongers Are Ignored

The Irish public is ignoring the scaremongering over COVID19 packing pubs and bars over the weekend. How long can this lockdown really continue?

Trump Orders Creation of "Garden Of Heroes" Filled With Statues

President Trump made a strong statement today on the destruction of statues, calling it a "left-wing cultural revolution. He has ordered the creation of a Garden of Heroes to house the statues of American heroes and patriots.



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