Health Workers Are Getting Fired For Refusing The Covid Vaccine

A Houston-area nurse is the latest healthcare worker to claim she lost her job over refusing to get a Covid vaccine—an issue that could grow more common across industries as offices reopen and employers start mandating vaccinations.

1,700 Foreigners Handed Irish Passports

The foreign plantation of Ireland continues! 1700 foreign planters have been handed Irish passports illustrating another example of the complete subversion of the Irish Nation. 

Three migrants charged over €6m ‘ghost broker’ motor insurance fraud

Two businessmen and an art teacher have been charged over a €6m “ghost broker” motor insurance policy fraud.

How Much of the Dublin Housing List is Foreign Born?

In the months before lockdown there was a small flurry of protests in West Dublin motivated by what was perceived to be the privileging of non-nationals on the public housing list. In the working class community of Mulhuddart, residents put a brief kibosh on the construction of public housing, citing the preponderance of foreigners on the housing list, locals being leapfrogged, and a resulting logjam of applicants.

Fake migrant pleads guilty to possessing false passports in PUP fraud

A 35-year-old man has been remanded on bail after he pleaded guilty to four fraud offences following a Garda investigation into people falsely claiming Pandemic Unemployment Payments from the Department of Social Protection.

Black Axe mafia: Italian police arrest 30 Nigerian suspected gang members

Italian police have carried out raids across the country, arresting some 30 people suspected of operating for the Nigerian Black Axe mafia syndicate.

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