House The Irish First On €20 Note Triggers Leftists

The Left Wing Twitter mobs are outraged after a "House The Irish First" graffiti was found scribbled on a €20 note. They aren't even hiding it anymore as reports.


LGBT and Liberal Speakers Invited To IFP Events

Belfast Nurse Takes First COVID19 Vaccine

A Co. Down nurse has been the first person in Ireland to receive the new untested COVID19 vaccine. Will you be taking it? Many are concerned that the risks involved are too high, while the state continues with it's line of "take the shot or stay in lockdown."


The History of a Heroic Irish Cop

Samuel George Catanzaro tells us the riveting history of Captain Frank Nally, the Mayo man who cleaned up the streets of St Louis. Known for his tenacious fighting skills he was known as "The Bull" by the gangsters he pursued.


Vaccines Hailed As "Beginning Of The End"

The government hails the coming of a COVID19 vaccine. The question is, which will be more deadly an untested vaccination or a run of the mill Winter respiratory disease?


Google Illegally Spied on Workers, then Fired Them

Despite being Far Left Cultural Marxist extremists, Google still spy on and firing employees who organise labour unions.


Irish Patriots