UN Deletes Weird ‘Satirical’ Article Celebrating Benefits of World Hunger After Backlash

Piece by professor said hunger was “fundamental to the working of the world’s economy.”

Abp. Viganò: Cancel culture in the Church and society is driven by a hatred of Jesus Christ

The deep church and deep state move in parallel and in sync, because what moves them both is hatred for Jesus Christ.


Moving a reported 150 asylum seekers into “temporary accommodation” in the Westmeath town of Kinnegad has reportedly led to considerable local disquiet.

Colorado public school teacher forced into re-education for challenging transgender madness

After informing a gender-confused student about transgender regret, Phil Vagos was shipped off to mandatory re-education training called ‘Gender Inclusion 101.’

New York to Demand Social Media History For Gun Ownership

People in New York who want a license for a gun will be required to hand over their social media history in order to pass a “character and conduct” test under new legislation.

Trans Twitter User Who Threatened to Pipe Bomb JK Rowling Revealed to be Irish Anti-Racism Activist

The transgender Twitter user who posted a pipe bomb threat directed towards JK Rowling and her family has been revealed to be an Irish anti-racism activist and is now under police investigation.

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