17 Year Old Charged In Brutal Cork Stabbing Case

Gardai have charged a 17 year old in relation to the shocking stabbing of a young Irish man, with assault and robbery not attempted murder! This is shockingly lenient for such a brutal attack.

African Youths Attack Irish Teenager In Carrigaline

Yet another vicious assault on an Irish youngster, this is the consequence of mass third world immigration.


West Brit Leo's Anti Racism Pledge Is Really An Anti-Irish Pledge

West Brit Leo's anti-racism pledge is simply another part of the Anti-Irish diversity agenda our globalist leaders are imposing on us.

U.S. Race Riots: All 4 Officers Involved In George Floyd Killing Charged

All 4 officers involved in the deadly arrest of George Floyd have been charged, will this appease the rioters or only embolden them?


Mary Lou MacDonald Pushes For Westminster Imposed Abortion In The North Again

The treasonous child killers in Sinn Fein have betrayed the Irish people yet again with their support of extreme Westminster abortion legislation in an attempt to bring legislation in line with the Free State, supporting abortion on demand for the first 12 weeks despite voting against the murder of disabled children up to birth.


Varadkar Involved In Degenerate Fine Gael LGBT Sex Ed Committee

Fine Gael publish LGBT policy paper advocating extreme sex education for young Irish children, a third legal gender category and sex changes for under 18's.


Irish Patriots