Mary Lou MacDonald Pushes For Westminster Imposed Abortion In The North Again

The treasonous child killers in Sinn Fein have betrayed the Irish people yet again with their support of extreme Westminster abortion legislation in an attempt to bring legislation in line with the Free State, supporting abortion on demand for the first 12 weeks despite voting against the murder of disabled children up to birth.


Varadkar Involved In Degenerate Fine Gael LGBT Sex Ed Committee

Fine Gael publish LGBT policy paper advocating extreme sex education for young Irish children, a third legal gender category and sex changes for under 18's.


Ardee Graffiti Foolish Stunt Or Mendacious Slander?

Was the Ardee graffiti urging support for The National Party a foolish blunder by young supporters or was it a tactic of our Anti Irish political enemies to slander the name of authentic Irish nationalism?

Top EU diplomat: End Of US Hegemony Happening Before Our Eyes

Top EU diplomat calls for stronger strategy against China as cracks begin to show in US hegemony.

Treacherous Left Wing Magistrates Knew Legal Attacks On Salvini Were Groundless

Recently leaked Whatsapp messages show that Italian magistrates publicly accused Salvini of violating the law while he was in office despite privately admitting that they knew he was in the right.

USAID Head Demands U.N. "Stops Peddling Abortion As COVID19 Relief"

U.N. slammed by USAID head over peddling baby killer as an essential medical service.

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