Top EU diplomat: End Of US Hegemony Happening Before Our Eyes

Top EU diplomat calls for stronger strategy against China as cracks begin to show in US hegemony.

Treacherous Left Wing Magistrates Knew Legal Attacks On Salvini Were Groundless

Recently leaked Whatsapp messages show that Italian magistrates publicly accused Salvini of violating the law while he was in office despite privately admitting that they knew he was in the right.

USAID Head Demands U.N. "Stops Peddling Abortion As COVID19 Relief"

U.N. slammed by USAID head over peddling baby killer as an essential medical service.

Irish Americans Launch Irish COVID19 Relief Fund

Irish American website "Irish Central" have formed a relief fund for needy Irish people.

Fake Nigerian "Doctor" Savagely Circumcised Children In Ireland For 200 Euros

Backward, foreign cultural practice of circumcision is brutal and dangerous and needs to be banned.

Drug Crisis In Ireland Continues With 117K Euros Of Cocaine Seized

Ireland's wave of drug crime has no end in sight with a huge seizure in Dublin Monday last.

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