The Hand That Rocks The Cradle-Pt1

"Nearly all men can stand adversity" spoke Lincoln, " but If you want to test a man's character, give him power". Power, in of itself, is a mere sound, three syllables contained in one pronounced word, a simple abstraction. It only comes alive when wielded by a man, and dangerously alive when wielded by a dangerous man.  

Say No To Your Local NGO


One of the most influential entities existing in Ireland presently is the NGO or Non-Governmental Organisation. While touted as benign or even benevolent, behind the mask of alms giving exists a grotesque figure that seeks the ruination of the good through the bad.

Miley Virus A Home Grown Hero

It takes a special type of person to do great things in times of great chaos. Thankfully here in Ireland we have a host of great celebrities we can turn to, however surely at the summit must be the Dublin born actor, philanthropist and all round good guy Miles or more popularly known 'Miley', Virus.

Saint Sinn Fein

The leader of Marxist  Sinn Féin, Mary Lou McDonald, has returned her pay rise of over €8,000 and has called for other politicians to do the same.

Covid 19 Crisis Irish Emergency Aid, Will YOU Do Your Duty?

During this Corona Virus crisis, we have been implementing a community care assistance programme for the elderly, infirm and young families throughout the World

The White Between the Green and Orange


Irish nationalism, in some quarters at least, seems to have evolved into some internationalist white supremacy movement. Gone seem to be are the days when calling oneself an old school “Irish Catholic Nationalist” used to be the common self-description in nationalist circles in Ireland.

Irish Patriots