A House Built On Sand

The druids were "OUR" people, Christianity usurped the natural beliefs of the Irish by replacing ancient idols, symbols, artefacts and beliefs with a foreign ideology. This is the narrative put forward by the neo pagans in nationalists circles.

No Room For Faith At The Nationalist Table

"We have outlived the need for Catholicism" is the progressive mantra that is to be expected in these amoral times however,  “There is no room for religion, especially Catholicism, in nationalism”, a cry all too common in nationalist circles these days,  is far a more troubling phenomenon.

Abortion Abattoirs To Open Doors in North

Irish Times Pushes Propaganda

According to the Irish Times, Cork-based Sanctuary Mask Initiative providing protective gear to DP centres and nursing homes.

Rivals To Form Sham Government

The leaders of Ireland’s rival Fianna Fail and Fine Gael parties will meet on Tuesday to sign off on a broad agreement struck by their negotiating teams aimed at attracting enough additional support to form a new government.

Salute the New Ruling Flag


Lockdown Ireland looked on in horror at the sight of Irish Defence Forces hoisting the blue flag of the United Nations in front of the GPO on Easter Sunday.

Irish Patriots