The White Between the Green and Orange


Irish nationalism, in some quarters at least, seems to have evolved into some internationalist white supremacy movement. Gone seem to be are the days when calling oneself an old school “Irish Catholic Nationalist” used to be the common self-description in nationalist circles in Ireland.

Backlash Against Imported Fruit Pickers

There has been a significant backlash against an Irish fruit company over its decision to fly Bulgarian fruit pickers to work in Ireland.

Yeah But We Did IT Too

But the Irish emigrated to many countries, therefore we should welcome migrants to Ireland! a canard that is used habitually by progressives and communists to promote mass migration.

A Window Into Gates

Bill Gates, the non virologist Billionaire, is portrayed as the new messiah in terms of all things related to viruses, according to the main stream media at least. However, Gates has been open about his drive not only for vaccinations but reducing the global population ( see conversation with Trevor Noah, Daily Show, 22nd August 2012).

A House Built On Sand

The druids were "OUR" people, Christianity usurped the natural beliefs of the Irish by replacing ancient idols, symbols, artefacts and beliefs with a foreign ideology. This is the narrative put forward by the neo pagans in nationalists circles.

No Room For Faith At The Nationalist Table

"We have outlived the need for Catholicism" is the progressive mantra that is to be expected in these amoral times however,  “There is no room for religion, especially Catholicism, in nationalism”, a cry all too common in nationalist circles these days,  is far a more troubling phenomenon.

Irish Patriots