Globalists Seize Dublin

With muffled jackboots the Country was finally seized in stealth by globalists, an invasion that succeeded many years ago The occupying forces however, waited until Easter 2020 to ostensibly hoist their flag of conquest over the vanquished people, raising the foreign banner outside the sacred building of Irish freedom, the GPO.

From Easter 1916 to Easter 2020

"If our deed has not been sufficient to win freedom, then our children will win it by a better deed. Ireland unfree shall never be at peace", wrote Padraig Pearse in the aftermath of rebellion. While Ireland did eventually find acquaintance with freedom, like all acquaintances, it was shorted lived and meaningless.

Ireland Leads ID2020 Agenda

at the Heart of ID2020 and
UN 2030 Agenda


Ireland appears to be a central driving force behind the ID2020 and UN "2030 Agenda" that will have huge repercussions for not only Ireland, its sovereignty and its cultural fabric, but the entire globe. The role that Ireland plays is laid out in full in this exposé.

Forgive Them For They Do Not Know What They Do

The sun is shinning, the birds singing in chorus yet a strange otherworldly silence slinks about the country. The silence isn't caused by the lockdown but from an entirely more profound source.

You Shall Not Pass

The new emergency legislation went into force last night with legal effect, retraining many fundamental rights including but not limited to rights of personal liberty ( including freedom of movement), freedom of association and assembly.

Before The Cock Crows

Easter is upon us and the doors to the churches are shut around most of the country. The “land of saints and scholars”, a moniker given to Ireland because of its rich Christian tradition, may soon be replaced with the more accurate “ the land of Sodom and begorra!”.

Irish Patriots