Moving a reported 150 asylum seekers into “temporary accommodation” in the Westmeath town of Kinnegad has reportedly led to considerable local disquiet.

Colorado public school teacher forced into re-education for challenging transgender madness

After informing a gender-confused student about transgender regret, Phil Vagos was shipped off to mandatory re-education training called ‘Gender Inclusion 101.’

New York to Demand Social Media History For Gun Ownership

People in New York who want a license for a gun will be required to hand over their social media history in order to pass a “character and conduct” test under new legislation.

Trans Twitter User Who Threatened to Pipe Bomb JK Rowling Revealed to be Irish Anti-Racism Activist

The transgender Twitter user who posted a pipe bomb threat directed towards JK Rowling and her family has been revealed to be an Irish anti-racism activist and is now under police investigation.

Dutch farmers fight for their livelihoods against government plans

The plan reads like an attempt to take away means of production from free individuals and to have them regulated by the state at unprecedented levels.

Drag queen who danced for kids charged with 25 counts of child pornography

Brice Patric Ryschon Williams, who identifies as a ‘genderqueer social worker,’ is a well-known LGBT activist.

Irish Patriots