Assisted Suicide Bill comprehensively rejected at Committee stage

The Oireachtas Justice Committee examining a bill proposing to legalise Assisted Suicide has said the Bill has “serious technical issues” and that it lacked safeguards to protect against undue pressure being put on vulnerable people to avail of assisted dying. 

Orban Announces Referendum on Showing LGBT Info to Children After EU Pushback

“Do you support that sex changing procedures shall be promoted to children?”

Parents should “lose veto power” in children’s sex change treatments says medical journal

A prominent medical journal has published an article arguing that parents should not have “veto power” in decisions around their children wanting to embark on medical treatment to change gender.

Period changes could be a harmless side effect of the Covid vaccine

survey has been launched to probe whether or not menstrual changes could be a side effect of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Far-Left Extremist to be Arrested for Constant Harassment of Trad Catholics

Gardaí are to arrest a Cork 'activist' next week on charges of inciting hatred against a Christian fundamentalist group operating in the county.

Bolshevik Russia: Covid Compliance Officers Will Check Pubs

Covid compliance officers will enter pubs to check Covid certs, according to Minister Catherine Martin.

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