The Ignored Pandemic

As a pandemic causes havoc across the world the recognition that an existing pathogen that fills the daily newspapers becomes all too clear. Maybe the isolation has rendered it more visible, but its always here and has been for quite some time. 

Over 39000 Employees Register For Subsidy

The scheme designed to help employers keep their staff by the Government paying a portion of their salary has had over 39000 registrations of employees.


And What About My New Lexus?

The expansion of private-sector capacity in health comes at a ferocious cost. Essentially, the private sector is being rented, with private patients pushed into the public sector’

What Will The Sheep Remember Post Pandemic?

What will the public remember when ( if) the pandemic subsides and a return to 'normal' services? Ciaran Tierney of the Irish Central tells us his views.

Pensioners Hammered By Fine Gael Globalists

While food poverty is already rife among our elderly, the traitors in Dáil Éireann take benefits from their mouths in their time of crisis.

Foreign Sex Crime Epidemic

Bolivian found guilty in the latest migrant sex crime in Ireland after a massive surge in sexual crimes primarily committed by foreign nationals.

Irish Patriots