Irish Government launches National LGBT+ Inclusion Strategy

Following on from the public consultation phase, the Irish Government have officially launched Ireland's National LGBT+ Inclusion Strategy 2019-2021.

German Army to Get Military Rabbis Again After 100 Years

BERLIN — Germany's government decided Wednesday to reintroduce military rabbis, backing a proposal by the Central Council of Jews to restore religious counseling for Jews serving in the armed forces after more than a century without such assistance.

Leo Varadkar refuses offer to volunteer and help homeless this Christmas

When asked if he would consider showing leadership on this by volunteering on Christmas Day, he said no

Number Of Homeless Increase Housing Minister ‘concerned’ after number of elderly homeless rises by over 100% in three years

The number of people aged over 65 seeking access to emergency accommodation has grown by over 100% in the past three years

Breaking News: Spain follows Poland in shock threat to quit EU

Brussels chaos: Spain follows Poland in shock threat to quit EU ‘No more humiliation!’ is this the start of ‘Spaxit’ ?

Mauritanians shocked as EU donates 250 camels to army to fight extremists

Mauritanians have been left in bewilderment after the European Union donated 250 camels to the Sahelian country in a partnership quest to fight against Islamic fundamentalists in the north and parts of West Africa

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