Proposed Direct Provision Centre? Lifford - Co. Donegal

I stood in the elections for one MAIN reason…To let Irish people see that there was still SOME Irish Patriots who WILL listen and fight on their behalf and it worked!

Since last week I have been inundated with people saying ‘thank God, we thought there were no Irishmen left’ and telling me that they have been trying to get FG/FF/SF to take some action over the plans to open up these direct provision centres all OVER Ireland.

Niall attends Donegal Live Debate

Donegal General election all party candidates live debate The Irish Patriot (Niall McConnell) produces an aborted baby picture and wipes the floor with SF on immigration!

The Gloves Are Off!!!

Despite Varadkar's shenanigans and attempts to deprive Irish patriots of their democratic rights, I have managed in just 4 days to design, print, produce my posters AND get them up all over Donegal!

The Post-National Fianna Fáil Politician

As the perennial chancers of Irish politics, Fianna Fáil have undergone multiple regenerations since the foundation of the state. The positioning of Fianna Fáil at any one time is a thermometer reading to the contemporary condition of Irish life.

Let's Drain the Bog: Support my General Election Campaign


Cork TY students win BT Young Scientists with project on gender bias in children

  • Winner takes prize of €7,500 and will represent Ireland in European contest
  • More than 60pc of projects related to climate change
  • Some 1,000 students entered competition

Irish Patriots