School board director running ‘safe sex’ workshops for 9-year-olds

Jenn Mason will be teaching the classes at WinkWink, the sex shop she owns.

 A Washington state school board director is advertising summer “sex education” workshops for children as young as 9, which will be held at the “sex shop” which she owns.

As reported by Breitbart, Jenn Mason, the owner of WinkWink – “a woman-owned sex shop delighting in expertly curated sex and body products, lingerie, and books” – is listing two “sex education” workshops on an event booking platform. 

Her ad on EventBrite reads: “There’s a lot to learn when it comes to bodies, puberty, sex, gender, and relationships!”

Mason is currently serving her second term as a school board director for the Bellingham School District, having been re-elected in November 2021.

Officially run by the “Uncringe Academy,” a spinoff of Mason’s WinkWink, the workshops are billed as being “honest, supportive, and inclusive sex education classes to help young people of all genders and sexual identities understand this important part of their life.”

As per the advert, Mason is not just the sex shop’s owner but is also a “sex educator” and as such provides “sex education that’s based in empowerment and information, rather than shame, fear, and judgment.”

The three hour workshops held over three days will be children for ages 9 – 12 and 13 – 18, with Mason writing that “presentation of topics will vary for developmental appropriateness.”

  • Healthy relationships and relationship models
  • The science of puberty
  • Consent and communication
  • Gender and sexual identities
  • Sexual anatomy for pleasure and reproduction
  • What IS sex? Kinds of solo and partnered sexual activities
  • Safer sex practices for all kinds of sexual activities
  • The ethics and realities of sexualized media and pornography

Mason has faced backlash regarding her proposed sex classes, and in a July 7 Facebook post she decried the “misinformation” and defended the classes, saying “we should question why it’s so concerning for kinds to learn that sexuality is supposed to be healthy and a good part of their life.” 

“Sex education looks different at different ages,” she said. “There are ways to make it developmentally appropriate.” At younger ages this means helping kids understand how their body works (including sexual anatomy), consent, and what healthy relationships look like.

In an email interview with KTTH radio how Jason Rantz, Mason doubled down on defending her classes, saying that the 9–12 year-old class would “focus on what makes healthy vs. unhealthy friendships and romantic relationships, the science of how puberty works, consent and personal boundaries, defining ‘sex’, and discussing why people may or may not choose to engage in sexual activities.” 

“There’s no such thing as ‘real’ sex, and it’s okay if your definition of sex is different from someone else’s,” she added.

Addressing how “safer sex practices” would be taught to 9- to 12-year-olds, she said that the topic is “not generally covered as a main topic in this course except as it relates to consent, communication, and safety.”

Mason is an outspoken advocate in favor of abortion and LGBT ideology, and in addition to the sex classes for minors, advertizes sexual “coaching” classes at a cost of $75.  The Uncringe Academy classes are also offered at a cost of between $5-$50.

Mason has a history of offering such classes to under-18’s, having only recently held “Queer Youth Open Mic Night” for “all queer youth (0 to 18 years old)” at her sex shop.


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