Ive been told about the heroes, read about tbem .PADRAIG HERY PEACE AND. BRAIN BORO REading about tbeyre selflass bravery. The Wayfare was my favoite poem for .many years.


Sean Hannigan

Sean Hannigan

American, grandfather was from Dublin. Proud of America, Ireland, Jesus,and I love my mom, my daughter.amd all my blood relatives, the the feeling isnt mutal in some cases.
Grandfather was living in poverty in Dublin and moved to Chicago in the 1930s. I've appreciated Irish culture since childhood, the poetry , and music touched my soul. Both sides of my family are Catholic as well. The globalist are destroying the town I once loved so well. It had the 2nd lowest unemployment in the country. Now with their proxy armies Antifa and BLM, they've destroyed most small businesses, the BLM have downtown looking like a war took place. I've just drawn my line in the sand , and all Western Christian Nationalist must stand together like the Christian Brothers we are . There no one else left to do it . There was a group of American nationalist with American flags. As they were stopped and just praying for peace, a bullet from the BLM crowd shot a young man , maybe 18-20 years old. So I understand how serious this is . It is our last chance to not be completely enslaved by communist. If this happens well be living a hellish 3rd world existence until Jesus returns. God bless us all and provide the strength needed for this fight.

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