Were The Interim Government Poorly Prepared?

An annual government report detailing the biggest risks facing the country had warned of a major pandemic such as coronavirus every year since 2014

The 2019 National Risk Assessment, published last August, warned that a major pandemic could disproportionately affect older people and place even greater pressure on the health system and its capacity to deal with such a crisis.




The report, published by the Department of the Taoiseach, said that a pandemic influenza was the worst-case scenario for Ireland, and would have the potential to cause “death and illness on a significant scale and to disrupt normal social and economic activity”.



The 2019 report said advance planning was critical to help mitigate the impact of such a pandemic, and a whole-of-government response would be needed “to ensure that threats to public health and disruption of services and society are minimised”.

These pandemic warnings were included in every National Risk Assessment since it was first published in 2014.


Source: Irish Times

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