Revive Economic Nationalism

Revive Economic Nationalism



“Ireland belongs to Irish families, not foreign bankers!”


Our land and houses have been stolen by foreign vulture funds, our natural resources have been sold to foreign corporations, our jobs are given to foreign workers.

We need Economic Nationalism, we need a strong government that puts Irish people first and controls the economy to do just that.


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  • Rosemary O'Connell
    commented 2024-02-24 19:00:25 +0000
    Yes they are trying to genocide us again! Everything we do they come up with a way to destroy us. If in eu they say oh you’re using eu on us we will use on you. And they think of ways to use eu to hurt us. If come out, they will think of ways to hurt us out of it. They can even go undercover as a nationalist& be extreme& start torturing the people is what Jews like to do( like hitler) Or pretend nationalist& it’s English agent& they do things to hurt us in their position. That’s what u got there in government now. We need more boys next door running for office. People u know & trust.
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