Síol na h'Éireann

For a free, United, Irish Ireland


Introducing Síol na h'Éireann

Looking at the state of Ireland today – emigration, abortion and Third World immigration, the economic and social decay caused by globalism and looter-capitalism, the continued divide between the two tribes of our island even as the liberal elite plot to marginalise and replace us both, the stench of corruption from Leinster House– we see the Irish Revolution is still unfinished business.

We are the true heirs to the traditions and ideals of that Revolution. We call on you to join us - and help to finish it!


How we work

Síol na h'Éireann  is a movement of action. Our mission is to develop community action programmes, counter-power initiatives and cultural activities which help Irish people stop being bystanders and spectators and become active and effective campaigners. Real change must be something that ‘ordinary’ people like us make happen from below, not crumbs that drop from the tables of the rich and powerful above.

We don’t ask anything of the corrupt elite. We look at their incompetence, arrogance and greed, and have only one demand: “Get out of our way!”


Irish Nation

Irishness is a combination of culture, history, language, loyalty and ethnicity. What Pearse, Connolly and the Republic's founders meant when they spoke about the “Irish race” plays a central role in forming, defining and preserving the nation.

While reasonable numbers of immigrants of European, Christian origin can be integrated, we reject the PC lie that Africans, Muslims, and other Third World victims of Western imperialist skills and people theft, can ever be Irish. They cannot and, if the Irish nation is to survive, they must be sent home.


Honest nation

The capture of the state by greedy corporate interests has made Ireland one of the most corrupt countries in the developed world. The corrupt political, business and media elites cover each other’s backs, treating us – the people whose hard-earned money pays their salaries – with arrogant contempt.

We need a real clampdown on all sorts of crime, but it’s especially time to get tough on white collar corruption and to end the privatisation looting of Ireland by corporations who have the politicians in their pockets.


Financing the nation

The biggest fraud in the world is the international banking system. The banksters create credit (new money) out of thin air, then lend it into circulation at usurious interest rates. Debt-based money creation is a fraud against the businesses and workers whose efforts produce real wealth.

We will replace this un-Christian corruption with a system under which the money needed by the economy is created by a National Bank, whose assets belong to the sovereign nation of Ireland and which is independent from party political interference.


Independent nation

Síol na h'Éireann  is committed to the founding ideal of Ireland as a sovereign nation. We condemn the treason which relegates Ireland to a mere province of Brussels or sends Irish soldiers to fight in foreign wars. We demand that Ireland retake the freedom that was secured by so much Irish blood, by immediate and unconditional withdrawal from the European Union and Nato.

The new imperial projects in Brussels and Washington are incompatible with a sovereign Ireland. Our indefeasible sovereignty cannot be shared, compromised, bargained or sold.


Tír Ghaelach

Dúirt Pádraig Mac Piarais tír gan teanga gan anam. Tar éis an tír--ár gcolainn choitean-- a chailleadh ar tiarnaí talún, chailleamar ár dteanga, colainn coiteann mhuintir na hÉireann agus thosaíomar teanga eachtranach a labhairt. Chun Eireann nua, radach agus neamhspleách a thógáil, ní foláir Gaeilge a chothú i ngach gné de shaoil náisiúnta. Ba chóir gach tírghráthóir a spreagadh chun an teanga dúchasach a labhairt. Má theastaíonn muid talún na hÉireann a fháil ar ais, caithfimid anam na hÉireanna a athbheoigh.


[Gaelic Nation]

Patrick Pearse said a country without a language is a country without a soul. After losing our land --our collective body-- to foreign landlords, we lost our language, the collective soul of the people and began to speak a foreign language. To build a new, radical and independent Ireland, Irish needs to be promoted in every facet of national life. Every patriot should be encouraged to speak the ancestral language. If we want to reclaim the land of Ireland, we must revive its soul.]


Gaelic & Celtic Nation

Síol na  h'Éireann believes that the Irish language is an absolutely central part of our identity. We would undertake vigorous and constructive action to preserve and revive it, starting with an in-depth investigation into what can be learnt from the relative success of Welsh and Scots Gaelic.

While we would encourage the Orange minority in the future United Ireland to rediscover their own Gaelic roots, we also respect their staunch adherence to their own traditional culture, which we see as Celtic and another part of Ireland’s rich heritage.


Feeding the nation

 “We declare the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland”. The immortal words of the Proclamation are nowhere more true than in our countryside. The family farm is the spiritual and practical foundation of a healthy Irish society and economy, yet Irish farmers are being driven to the wall by corporate monopolies, red tape and the insanity of the ‘Green Agenda’.

Síol na h'Éireann is pledged to protect our farmers and other small businesses from corporate greed, bureaucratic meddling and the banksters’ debt trap.


Uniting the nation

We believe in an Ireland in which sectarian differences are set aside for the cause of national freedom. Just as in 1798, the interests of Irishmen and women, Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter, coincide once again; it is time for a new nationalist movement to forge a new Ireland, united against liberalism, multiculturalism and internationalism.

Ireland is one nation, indivisible and indissoluble, comprising of 32 counties, four provinces, and three churches, all united under the common name of Irishman in defence of traditional Christian values.


Caring nation

The so-called health care system is a national disgrace. Allowing thousands of Irish people to go homeless,  while the state and local authorities import and pay to house a flood of bogus ‘refugees’, is a national shame. And the callous treatment of the elderly, after a lifetime of work and paying into the system is national ignominy.

It is time to put our own people first, using our taxes, skills and resources to restore compassion, decency and common-sense to our welfare system and our national life.


Christian nation

Síol na h'Éireann unapologetically upholds traditional Christian values and refuses to compromise with the liberal ascendancy and their degenerate dogmas of Political Correctness. In particular we demand an immediate end to the murder-for-profit abortion industry.

We would outlaw the teaching of sexual licence, homosexuality and the confusion of the two God-given genders in public media and in schools. Irish parents are increasingly concerned over the liberal push to sexualise their children, we speak for them when we say ‘no’ to liberal perversion propaganda.


Just nation

The protection of the Irish worker demands an authentic national economy. The protection of our fishing, farming and mineral industries is central to ending austerity and providing the economic opportunities to end the waste, national shame and demographic disaster of mass emigration.

The economy should be run in the interests of the Irish nation and in accord with Christian social doctrine, rather than for the modern-day landlord class - the plutocrats and globalists who rule the modern Irish plantation.


Our nation

The Proclamation of Poblacht na h'Éireann  declares the right of every Irishman and woman to “the unfettered control of Irish destinies.”  To avoid the plutocratic control of banks and the super-rich 1% over Irish affairs, the Irish people must be given a direct say in the direction of public policy. The most effective means of doing so is through Citizens’ Initiative Referenda.

These must be freely created by ‘ordinary’ people, protected from interference by the elite media or foreign-funded NGOs and, if passed, binding on the government.

Irish Patriots