Hello, my name is Niall McConnell. I am an Irish nationalist and I believe in an Ireland united, Gaelic and free

I believe in the sovereign right of the Irish people to their homeland, nationality and identity. I am running for election in Donegal, the forgotten County, as an independent. I believe that the political establishment in Ireland has betrayed the ideals of Pearse and Collins and above all else have betrayed the Irish people and sold off our country and her resources for their own personal gain. Our homeland will be lost unless we put a stop to the destructive agenda of Ireland's political elites and that is exactly what I aim to do. 


- 10,000 homeless in the 26 Counties alone and a further 9,000 in the 6 counties.
Irish homes for Irish people!!!

- Mass immigration threatens each and every one of us, 35% of people on social housing waiting lists are foreigners.

- The Green agenda is destroying farmers ability to earn a living wage and feed their families. 

- Immigration is out of control in Ireland and our communities are suffering from unchecked criminal behavior from untraceable foreign criminals as a result.


I proclaim the Sovereign right of the Irish people to the ownership of Ireland and her resources. The usurpation of that right by foreign political unions and business interests is a fundamental violation of our nationhood and therefore a betrayal of the Irish Republic which we hold dear. 

Irish Patriots