Carmelite Nuns Offer a Poem For Our Salvation

The Carmelite Order shares a poem for our Salvation, are you with Christ? The Reconquista of our lands begins under the banner of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Tralee Teen Charged Over Abusive "Hate Speech" Online

Hate Speech is not yet a legal concept in Ireland, but that hasn't stopped a Tralee teenager from being charged over an incident involving racial abuse against a famous football player online. The teenager has been charged under harassment laws and the "Communications Act".


What Are The New Level 3 Rules?

A full list of new loosened COVID19 measures have been released set to start on the 1st of December, reports the Irish Mirror.


"Hang Out The Flag of Trans" Gay Flag On GPO

The flag of foreign occupation flies over the GPO yet again as the forces of liberal extremism and hatred of the Catholic family and Christ the King make their power and influence known.


3 Men Found In Back of Truck West Dublin

Illegal immigration is finally being noticed by Gardai as an investigation is launched into illegal immigrants entering via Rosslare Port.


We Need Worship, Catholic Protest

"We Need Worship" is a Catholic protest group, pushing for Catholic Mass not to be shut down over COVID19 restrictions.


Irish Patriots