Irish Woman Gang Raped by Four Migrants

A woman was gang-raped by four North African migrants on Gran Canaria after stopping to ask them about their plight, it is alleged. 

Conspiracy: PR Agency Dictate to Irish Media about Lockdown Lies

Since they were founded last Autumn, the ISAG “Zero Covid” group have enjoyed a warm and friendly relationship with the Irish media.

Over €20 million spent on abortion provision to date

Over €20 million spent on abortion provision to date, not a cent allotted for positive alternatives


Government’s new Asylum Policy: Stay here as long as you want, chaps

This morning, the Government has announced the publication of its White Paper on Direct Provision, designed as agreed in the Programme for Government, with the objective of ending the current inadequate system of assessing and accommodating people who arrive here seeking asylum.

Monopoly Game Board Now Racist

Cancel culture madness continues! The Monopoly game board is now considered racist. When will this madness stop?

Shocking: 81-year-old homeless woman found sleeping rough in Dublin city centre

Elderly Irish are left on the street to die, while our government fills the country with migrants. 

Irish Patriots