Catholic Church in Boston Burned!

Yet another church has been burned in America! Week after week the war on Christianity goes on, church after church is being burned and nothing is done about the Marxist extremists!


BLM Marxists Now Protesting Lack Of Educational Achievement

Ontario students are now protesting "racism" in Canadian schools, claiming that poor outcomes are a result of discrimination in the schooling system.


BLM Paramilitary In Brixton!

BLM are far-left communist extremists, they are Anti Family, Anti Christian and Anti White. We need to speak the truth about these Marxists.

IRA Man's Grandson Head Of MI6

A man from an IRA family is somehow in with the British intelligence services? Imagine my shock.


Direct Plantation Centre Residents Begin Hunger Strike

Residents of a direct plantation centre in Cahersiveen have begun a hunger strike to protest conditions at the hotel on the centenary year of the 1920 IRA Hunger Strike.

Copy Of 1916 Proclamation Sold For €190K

Copy of 1916 proclamation of the Irish Republic is sold for €190,000 to private collector.

Irish Patriots