The Irish General Election is on the Horizon!

Leo Varadkar has announced that he is to meet with the leader of Fianna Fáil, Michael Martin, to set a time frame for the next General Election, with February or March the most likely possibilities.

Judge in Brazil orders Netflix to pull comedy about a gay Jesus

A JUDGE IN Brazil has issued a temporary injunction forcing Netflix to withdraw a comedy that depicts Jesus Christ in a homosexual relationship.

Man is facing trial accused of obtaining laptops by trickery

A man has been sent for trial accused of tricking people into posting him high-value electronic goods without payment

Pat Flanagan column: 'How can we house 3,000 refugees when we've 10,500 homeless in Ireland?'

Actually homeless charities claim the true number of people without a home is closer to 15,000 and, in a sense, they are refugees in their own country

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