Ireland Asked To Take More Refugees

The EU is looking to force even more refugees onto Ireland despite telling us that COVID19 is a deadly virus and we must socially distance.


Calls For Lockdown To Be Relaxed As GAA Stays Silent

In Healy Park Omagh, there was a pitch invasion while the Free State refuses to allow spectators at GAA matches.


Michael Martin Accused Of Using Sex Abuse Victims To Score Points

Creagh Lane sex abuse survivors are protesting an Taoiseach's cynical use of their struggle for justice.


Pope Francis Politicising Bible With Socialist Teachings!

Pope Francis has disgraced the Papacy again by politicising the bible with his socialist beliefs.


Draconian Wet Pub Lockdown To End September 21st!

The Free State's war on family-owned pubs is finally set to end, but how many will be left in business afterwards?


Extremely Graphic Sex Ed Game Rolled Out In UK Schools!

Sex Ed is fast becoming a risk to children's health and safety. A new board game has been released for children graphically describing sex acts and encouraging their discussion in class.


Irish Patriots