Send a complaint to the Garda Ombudsman

Cromwells men are back! 

Fr. P.J Hughes has defied the Irish States draconian lock-down and opened up his church in Mullahoran, Co.Cavan to his parishioners. 

Abortion Clinics are open during the lockdown, but people cannot receive the holy Eucharist and attend holy mass. We are truly living in Penal times again.

Fr. P.J Hughes has been issued a fine of €500 by the state & an Garda Sióchána also surrounded his chapel one Sunday refusing anyone to enter and issuing on the spot fines to locals looking to attend mass.

Síol na hÉireann has started a complaints drive to the Garda Ombudsman, demanding the €500 fine be quashed and to allow Fr. Hughes and all priests to open their chapels to their parishioners!

Fr. P.J Hughes Said:

“I’ll go to jail if I have to. I don’t care. If this government continues to act in a Pagan fashion, they have demoted God to irrelevant and unnecessary.

“The only thing I am not obeying is [Bishop Duffy] at this stage. He’s my superior here... but I’m not afraid of people... I’m more afraid of God! I don’t accept we have to stop saying Mass because NPHET says so. The guards said I’m creating a hotspot for Covid. There’s no proof of that. I asked them to prove it and they couldn’t.”

Please read the letter below then fill out the form and your complaint will be sent immediately to the Garda ombudsman: 

Irish Patriots