Sharia Appeasing Priest Confronted! Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo!

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  • Gail Hoffman
    commented 2020-08-22 18:24:53 +0100
    God bless you, dear Irish Catholics.
    I live in the USA and I was saddened that the so-called “progressive” woman was there trying to represent the USA Catholics. Sadly, she is so ignorant that she doesn’t even know how anti-Catholic she is.
    My ancestors came from Catholic Ireland and they’d be so terribly upset by such evil. That “priest” NEVER should have allowed that muslim man to speak in the church! Shame on him!!! The church was desecrated under the “guidance” of that “priest”! The attack on the Church hurts worse when it’s done by one from the inside,…by one who should be protecting it and shepherding his people. I’m
    guessing that it must be a tiny sliver of the cross that Jesus bore when Judas, one of His own apostles, betrayed Him.
    My prayers and the prayers of my Catholic friends here in the states are with you dear defenders of the faith. God must be thinking, “Well done, my good and faithful servants”, when He sees you bravely standing up for Him and His Holy Catholic Church. I pray that all true Catholics stand up for Truth as you have. Thank you for inspiring us to stand up and do the right thing for God and His Church. You are all in my daily prayers. May God richly bless you all and bless Ireland.
Irish Patriots