The European Union has approved a scheme to financially compensate fishermen whose enterprises were affected by the UK’s withdrawal from the economic union.

Fishermen have responded to the deal saying it marks “the death of the Irish fishing industry”.

The Irish Skipper reported: “The aim of the scheme is to incentivise vessel owners to cease commercial fishing activities by scrapping their vessels.”

The article further states: “The aid amount will be calculated on the basis of the gross tonnage of the scrapped vessel (i.e. €3,600 per gross tonnage). In addition, beneficiaries receive a catch incentive premium of up to €8,400 per gross tonnage, the actual amount of which depends on the impact of the reduced quotas for fish on the vessels”.

Earlier this month Irish Central News reported on a protest staged in Dublin by Irish fishermen.

The protests are reported to have been prompted by the section of the Brexit agreement which deals with fishing, saying it “means the amount of fish that EU boats (including Irish trawlers) can catch in British waters has been drastically reduced”.

Continuing, “The Irish fishermen claim that this country has taken the biggest hit, far bigger proportionately than that taken by France or Spain, for example.”

The Marine Times details how the scheme “is planned to be partially financed under the Brexit Adjustment Reserve, established to mitigate the economic and social impact of Brexit, subject to approval under the specific provisions governing funding from that instrument.”


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