On the day before the 100th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, An Post decided to mark the day by flying a transgender flag from Dublin’s historic GPO, the base of operations of the 1916 Rising.

An Post made a public statement on the matter–

“Today marks the official launch of Winter Pride 2020-2021 and An Post is delighted to be joining our community partners in marking the occasion by raising the transgender Pride flag high over the rooftops of Dublin”

The GPO was the core of the 1916 Rising, the Tricolour that flies from the roof is symbolic of the struggle for Irish freedom and the legitimacy of our claim for freedom and nationhood.

In past centuries, the Butchers Apron, the flag of foreign occupation flew from the rafters as a symbol of our subjugation.

Today the Rainbow flag and more recently the "Trans" flag take the place of the symbols of Irish freedom, of the sacrifices made by those that came before us to win an Irish Republic.

How can we claim as Irish nationalists that this flag is anything other than a new symbol of foreign occupation?

They are the symbols of EU, UN foreign rule, of the Globalist forces that rule over our corrupt, treacherous Quisling government.