"Youth Gangs" Run Riot In Dublin

So-called "Youth gangs" are continuing to terrorise Dublin communities. When will An Gardai Siochana start to crack down on this savage crime wave?


Residents in one Dublin area fear that there will be killings soon as young teenage gangs continue to go to battle against each other.

The days of terror in Balbriggan have been ongoing since Saturday which has seen fights, fires and all round fury among both sets of aggressive young groups.

The latest disgusting scenes from the Castlemill area of the north Dublin village saw one teen being battered on the ground as their terrifying war reaches boiling point, Dublin Live reports.

The young man can be seen being surrounded by a number of youngsters while he is grappled on the ground by one other teen.

He receives several blows while on the deck before another attacker rips off the shoes from his feet and fires them over the roof of a house.

He is then dragged on the ground a couple of metres to the other side of the road before the shocking video ends

This happens while several others on the outskirts goad on the attackers and film the degrading assault on their phones.

Balbriggan has been overrun with a number of violent incidents over the last couple of days.



Over the weekend all hell broke loose as crowds of teenagers brawled with each other throughout Saturday and Sunday some of which was caught on camera.

The video came as a massive fire ravaged a house in the Chapel Grove area of the town just hours previous.

A number of emergency vehicles including four fire engines and several ambulances rushed to the scene as the thick clouds of smoke rose from the inferno.

The large teenage gangs - described by locals as "feral rats" - frightened shoppers when they organised fights against each other at a popular Dublin Shopping Centre.

The young groups, which were said to be "30-strong", took over the Castlemill Shopping Complex in Balbriggan on Saturday which contains a Dunnes Stores where most people in the area would buy their big shop from.

A large garda presence including the helicopter were reportedly deployed to the area during the incidents.

The noisy youngsters were heard shouting at each other all day long with fights breaking out throughout the day.



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