A Message From The Carmelite Nuns Of Leap

Read the message of The Carmelite nuns of the Holy Face, who are facing persecution and scorn from the Civil authorities in Co. Cork. 

Ave Maria
Dear Friends & Benefactors,
Greetings in Our Lord Jesus Christ!
We send you here our Winter Newsletter- Issue 13. 
Now even as we are circulating our Newsletter to play our small part in spreading the truths of the Gospel and the Faith, the children of darkness and of the deep state and church, are at work circulating their worldly newspapers both locally and nationally to spread lies and slander about us, about our faithful Catholic priests and indeed about all of you, who are the faithful children of the Light, God's tiny remnant, who are upholding the truths of the Catholic Faith and morals.



Now since this is Satan's last hour- the hour of the Prince of darkness, we must not be at all surprised that we, God's own elect, should more and more experience persecution from the devil through his own children of darkness. Many of us are experiencing this storm of evil accelerating at an extraordinary rate. This is because we are heading towards the end of times.

Like a coin dropped into a spiral, the closer it comes to the end of the spiral, the faster does it move. So too, as the days seem to be increasing in speed- though a day is still 24 hours and a minute 60 seconds; even so is there a rapid increase in the deterioration in morals, civil order and nature. Because of the increase of evildoings, the love of many will grow cold (Matthew 24:12). 


The nuns of Leap: 'We refuse to go along with modernism'


Yet be of good cheer, says Our Lord, "I have overcome the world". We must not lose sight of the great hope that awaits us. God is in control of all things and He, Who is all Good, will triumph over evil. Just as in the times of Our Lord Jesus, the Jewish leaders - under the inspiration of their father, the devil - thought in persecuting the Messiah and killing Him, they were victorious in achieving their goal.

They too were influential in swaying the majority of gullible Jews. Yet in the very act of crucifying the Saviour, they indirectly fulfilled the Plan of God and the great work of our Redemption. So it is for us. While the godless journalists and reporters take no rest in spreading lies and slander about us in their newspapers and on social media, they hope to turn the people against us. Indirectly they are instrumental in bringing  down upon us a blessing from God and stir the hearts of the children of light to support us even more. "Where sin abounds, grace does more abound."

And so beloved in Christ, have no fear. We shall experience great blessing from the storm of their evil, if we keep our eyes on God- The Prince of Peace Who holds center place. Let us also not forget to take shelter under the Mantle of Our Most Holy Mother Mary, the Queen of Peace. 

May God bless each and every one of you. We thank you from the bottom of our heart for all your support both moral, spiritual and financial. 
Mother Irene of the Holy Face & Community



Carmelites of the Holy Face.


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