And What About My New Lexus?

The expansion of private-sector capacity in health comes at a ferocious cost. Essentially, the private sector is being rented, with private patients pushed into the public sector’

People here ( In Ireland)  are reeling from a never-ending series of costly health scandals — including a system that gave women false-negative results in breast-cancer tests. The ingenious power of COVID-19 appears to be disrupting every service, sector and society it comes into contact with.

But the private-hospital takeover plan — the details of which, at the time of writing, have yet to be hammered out with Ireland’s powerful consultants — is not as it first seems.

And it has not been universally welcomed.

“There are no private hospitals, anymore,” one private health consultant confided in a friend, as anecdotal reports emerged of other private-only doctors side-stepping procedures which, for the time being, they will not be paid.

“How will I pay for my Lexus?” another private health consultant wondered.

So describes Journalist Dearbhail McDonald but she isn't quite finished as she includes the now anticipated progressive attack on the Catholic Church. 

"The provision of health care in Ireland is one that is laden — as with many aspects of our history — with deep complexities.

This is not least because of the huge power wielded, to this day, over many aspects of education, health and social-care provision, by the Catholic Church".

Not quite finished she goes on to state,

"There is also the thorny issue of what services voluntary organizations, including faith-based hospitals that receive public funding — the Catholic Church controls some of the largest hospital facilities in the state — are willing to provide in light of their ethos and values".

McDonald doesn't seem to recognise that the secular world promotes it's very own ethos and values too, one that condemns innocent babies to mass slaughter,  or LGBT indoctrination but she conveniently ignores to levy any charge in that direction. She doesn't mention the fact that hospitals run by the religious offered the only care to the population when the secular authorities abdicated their responsibilites. Then again, what do we expect from Irish journalists these days? the truth or spin? I'll leave that to you to discern.


Source: Market Watch


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