Anti-Racist Millionaire gets a dose of Diversity

In recent days, Bernard Tapie has been talked about a lot. Not for a dark financial muddle in which would be involved the businessman, seriously ill today.

This is of course the savage and odious aggression of which he and his wife were victims in their magnificent home at Moulin-de-Breuil in Combs-la-Ville a few days ago.

Based on revelations of current values based on police sources, moreover never denied by the Tapies themselves, I indicated that this man who had worked so hard for immigration and so denounced the “amalgamations” between immigration, had just lived the cruel experience.

'If we can highlight an African immigrant because an African immigrant for a nice gesture, then why the devil not put a spotlight on the countless acts of delinquency and criminality of other Africans?'

A deluge of insults and criticism fell on me. Including journalists, if we can call them that, like Jean-Michel Apathie. I suffered an assault in order on the set of "Touche Pas à Mon Poste" Monday April 5, Stéphane Tapie, son of Bernard, inviting me to stay at home and shut my mouth. And in order to close the debate on the link between immigration and delinquency, he cites the exemplary behavior of Lassana Bathily during the murderous hostage-taking of the Hyper Cacher in 2015, although the heroic story of this illegal Malian migrant has been given. involved by the hostages themselves. But assuming that Lassana Bathily was a real hero, if we can highlight an African immigrant because an African immigrant for a nice gesture,

More generally, the origins and the color of the skin are very regularly at the heart of the indignations of well-thought. Adama Traoré, Michel Zecler, Georges Floyd and more formerly the young Ziad and Bounia… So many dramas where it was about blacks, North Africans, etc. Victim immigration is thus the object of all the attentions of the media-political system, while for torturing immigration the slogan could be the one recently used by Audrey Pulvar: “ Whites, shut up! ".

Worse, a single positive gesture from an immigrant is immediately recovered and exploited without any decency by the media and politicians, often giving rise to the creation of a legend and… to naturalization in the process! But hundreds of thousands of criminal or tort emanating from immigration, there a thick omerta takes place and beware of whoever fans anything on it! With his remarkable intellectual honesty and his deeply democratic approach to the debate of ideas, Cyril Hanouna allowed me to come and defend myself the next day against the usual pack of my detractors.

'For self-proclaimed anti-racists, portraying the racial profile of their attackers is a crime of lese majesty'.

But let's go back to the beginning of this controversy. From whom do the police officers hold that the attackers are three blacks and a North African? Well from the Tapie couple themselves. Oh, but for self-proclaimed anti-racists, giving the racial profile of their attackers is a crime of lese majesty. You had to say "young people". Very good. But what type? " Well, the young guy, that's all the cops ." Is. Tapie should therefore have presented this description to the police. An uprooted description. It would have been a nice anti-racist posture on his part. But that is precisely not what he said. Suddenly the Tapie family and the media criticize me for having taken over the description of the Tapies themselves!

But even more, what completely stunned me were the revelations of André Bercoff, host of Sud Radio on his interview with Bernard Tapie, of whom he is a long-time friend, after the fact. The man very shocked, and we can understand it, confessed to him his dismay: " I told them that I had always been on their side, " Tapie told his attackers in the hope of bringing them to their senses. To this, he received no response as a contemptuous " fuck you ", his attackers continuing to bang harder, especially on his wife.

To have been on their side should therefore have constituted immunity in Tapie's eyes. Well no, dear sir. You should do a little history. The invaders never spare for very long the naive or the traitors who opened the door to them.

You doubtless thought, like all the big French immigrant bourgeoisie, that the white populace and assimilated immigrants were good for the mass "living together", but that your fortune would spare you the pangs and dangers? No chance. The walls of your domain did not stop them. And they won't spare anyone. No nobody.

I am reproached for having related this affair in these terms? I do not care. In the name of what should I therefore silence the real?

It's been years now that being white has reread you to slavery, colonialism, racism and you have been told you have to take it headlong because this is the reality of history. Very good. Well the reality today is also that Arab-Afro-Muslim immigration is considerably over-represented in delinquency, criminality, religious fanaticism and I am not even talking about terrorism. So now it's real versus real, there's no question of taking hits without returning them. I am a good Christian except on one point: I do not turn the other cheek. I hold out my fist. Politically of course.

I insist on talking about the real because hiding it prevents us from solving the problems that overwhelm our country. For years, we have been experiencing an Arab-Afro-Muslim settlement immigration. And we are told over the years that things are going very well, that a serene and peaceful coexistence is taking place and better, that we are enriched by this slow submersion. Well, it's high time to say WHAT IS NEEDED.

No, it's not going that well. No, it's not that peaceful. And no, frankly, this process is very far from enriching us. To speak thus will lead us, it seems, towards civil war.

It's quite the opposite. It is by stopping this assault while there is still time - and we have very little left - that we can prevent civil war. But the anti-France camp does not want this resistance, because it wants that in 20 or 30 years the French people have no other choice but to submit or to quit because the number will be against him.

I am going to end with this story of “stigmatization” that we are hearing about. Have you noticed that whenever gypsies are involved in a tort or criminal or public disorder case, the media do not hesitate for a second to refer to the perpetrators as "Travelers"? There nobody is scandalized by what contributes to stigmatize a population which is already not bad. On the other hand, it is an incredible outcry if the words "immigration", "Maghreb" or "Africans" are pronounced. Why ? It is very simple. Gypsies are whites who, moreover, do not live like other whites. So point the finger at them, it goes cream. But Arabs and Blacks are sanctuarized, almost deified.

All this hypocrisy is over. Finished. The left and right-thinking have decided for a few years to put race at the heart of the political debate, to designate one, the white race, as the bad race guilty of everything and the others as the victims of everything. The time for truth has come. We will put everything on the table and the French will slowly come out of the sedative torpor of the pseudo-progressive and anti-French doxa. We are at home and we will fight to stay who we are where we are. That is to say, stay and live French in France.


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