Argentina Abortion Campaigner Killed By Abortion

When abortion was legalised in Argentina in recent months, the celebrations were even more vulgar than those in Ireland in 2018.

The international outcry that led to abortion being legalised in Ireland in 2018 was the result of the death of a woman from sepsis, allegedly related to Ireland’s abortion laws. ‘Never again’ were the cries of the internationally funded astro turfed abortion lobby.

What the international abortion lobby never discusses however, are the deaths of women from botched abortions.

One such tragic case was announced this past week, with the death of Argentine abortion campaigner María del Valle González López, a member of the Radical Youth group. She was administered Misoprostol as a means of providing a chemical abortion last week, legal under the new abortion laws of Argentina. It was said that she then contracted an infection as a result which led to her death.

Radical Youth celebrating abortion being legalised in Argentina

Radical Youth celebrating abortion being legalised in Argentina

Catholic News Agency reports that:

Misoprostol is a drug used to induce abortion in early pregnancy or to expedite a miscarriage. Potential side effects of the medication include bleeding and deadly hypovolemic shock.

Pro life campaigners in Argentina used the hashtags #MurióPorAbortoLegal (she died from legal abortion) and #AbortoLegalMataIgual (legal abortion kills the same way as illegal) to raise awareness of the sad situation.

The indifference of the international abortion movements should not surprise us, she was as disposable to them as the unborn babies that they kill are too.

It is important that we pray for her soul and pray that her sad death may wake people up to the culture of death and its indifference to all who come within its grasp.


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