BLM Explodes After Deadly Arrest In Belgium

Violent BLM anti-police demonstrations are rocking Brussells, now the EU's seat of power can experience the wonders of diversity for themselves.


Roughly 500 demonstrators gathered on Wednesday at the Brussels North police station following the death of Ibrahima B. (23), who died about an hour after he was arrested last weekend.

Even though Saint-Josse-ten-Noode mayor Emir Kir had only given permission for a static demonstration with 100 attendees, approximately 500 people showed up to ask for clarity about the cause of Ibrahima B.’s death.

Initially, the demonstration took place peacefully, but around 4:00 PM some commotion broke out, and several people started throwing stones and small firecrackers at the police, who deployed the water cannon several times, reports Het Laatste Nieuws.

The organisers of the demonstration tried in vain to calm people down. In the meantime, the window of a police car was smashed, and small fires were started in a few places.

It's unlikely that our EU overlords will change their mind on their support for Marxist terror group BLM, but we can only hope that these shocking riots can open the eyes of Europeans to the reality of this African communist insurrection.

Irish Patriots