Calls For Drew Harris To Resign After BLM Insanity

Drew Harris is under pressure for failing to control the insane violence of BLM protestors in Ireland. Too concerned with rounding up "right-wing extremists" to deal with violent Marxist terrorists no doubt.


There have been calls by social media users for the Garda Commissioner Drew Harris to step down from his role after horrendous scenes in the Blanchardstown area of Dublin on Thursday.

Large groups of protesters were seen outside the Blanchardstown Garda Station chanting that they wanted justice for George Nkencho who was shot dead by gardai on Wednesday afternoon.

They then went on to various other locations, including Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Hartstown Spar and stopping traffic nearby. They shouted chants of racism and black lives matter. Meanwhile innocent onlookers got caught up in the mayhem as seen below.

A large garda contingent eventually gathered around the Spar in Hartstown but were allegedly told by their superiors to leave the large gang of protesters who pelted the garda van with bottles as they left.

People are saying that the gardai didn’t do enough to stop the mayhem and bring peace to the area, especially given the lack of social distancing and large gathering during the Level 5 lockdown.




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