Carmelite Nuns Offer a Poem For Our Salvation

The Carmelite Order shares a poem for our Salvation, are you with Christ? The Reconquista of our lands begins under the banner of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.



By a Carmelite Nun



The Israelite nation, like people today,

Was punished by God for their moral decay.

Because they knew better but still misbehaved,

He gave their foes power to keep them enslaved.


By hiding from them His Adorable Face,

God punished His people for falling from grace.

He left them but only indeed for a time,

Till they had repented, confessing their crime.


The Lord has done likewise with people today,

Concealing His Face as they go their own way.

The result of disloyalty once again shows,

For we’ve been enslaved by our Communist foes.


As we suffer beneath their tyrannical laws,

God waits for us sinners to feel some remorse;

And to beg for His mercy, confessing our crimes,

As we wait for the end of these terrible times.


The Face of our Saviour, as He has revealed,

Is the heavenly weapon which Christians must wield;

With His Image imprinted by Faith in our hearts,

As a shield for defence from the enemy’s darts.


We must keep our eyes fixed on our Heavenly goal,

Reflecting the light of God’s Face in our soul;

For this is the shield of the children of light,

And the demons will tremble and flee at the sight.


Let us keep ourselves armed with the weapons of grace:

The Rosary, the Scapular, and Christ’s Holy Face.

Let us lift up our arms then, and fervently pray:

“Lord, show us Thy Face; let Thy foes flee away.”


Cf. Ezech. 39:23,24.  2 Par.30:9.  Psalm. 80:12-15


The Carmelite Order

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