Catholics Plan To Protest With Prayers

Irish Catholics will be protesting the closure of Churches and the banning of Catholic Mass by the hysterical COVID obsessed Irish government.


With news that public Mass will be shut off in Ireland once again, starting on St. Stephen’s Day, Catholics have decided to organise a day of prayer outside the closed doors of cathedrals around the country on that date.

They are being encouraged to:

- Silently gather outside for the Cathedral’s main morning Mass on St Stephen’s Day
- Say the Rosary
- End by singing Our Lady of Knock
- Social distance, like French Catholics did, to avoid unnecessary criticism
- If you wish, continue this every Sunday at the main Mass (agree the time) until churches open, praying that we would all grow in faith and courage.

Those organising the event then shared this quote from St. Patrick as a reminder of the divine assistance that helps us during times such as these:

“But I fear none of these things, because of the promises of heaven. I have cast myself into the hands of the almighty God, who is the ruler of all places...”
- St. Patrick’s Confessio

If you do this and have any videos or photos feel free to submit them to Catholic Arena later tonight and we will share.




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