Croke Park Now Used For Criminal Trials

Clown world continues to take over reality as criminal trials will now be held in Croke Park for the next 3 months.


Criminal trials will be held in Croke Park during the first three months of 2021 in order to help the Court Service cope with the practicalities of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Up to 200 court sitting days will take place during the period of time, which is part of the Courts Service plan to ensure as much court business as possible can take place during the pandemic.

The new court facility at Croke Park, which has a number of conference facilities, will allow for three courts to sit.

The cost of hiring the venue for the three months is €437,000, and the Courts Service says it believes that Croke Park provides the "optimum solution" to run trial hearings in the New Year "so as to continue to provide access to justice during the pandemic".

Speaking at the signing of the contract at the stadium, Courts Service CEO Angela Denning said: "We have been challenged across the country to try and facilitate criminal trials, in suitable and safe locations amidst our responsibilities to keep courts operational and staff, the Judiciary, jurors and court users safe.

"Outside Dublin we have being using 12 venues across the country and feedback from jurors and others has been very positive.

"We will use Croke Park to ensure this track record of safety is continued as we provide access to justice in safe and suitable conditions.

"The facilities provide a venue which is respectful of the importance of the proceedings which will take place there, and which respects the professional needs and the security, privacy and dignity of all court users."

Mark Dorman Head of Stadium at Croke Park said: "It is appropriate that this great national venue should be used as a vital support for the democratic functioning of the country, as together we work to recover from the past months of crisis.

"Courts play a vital role in maintaining access to justice, and law and order in any country. They give the opportunity for redress for victims as people are held to account for their actions. Croke Park is not unused to great adversarial battles, and provides a suitable arena to hold courts.

"The GAA welcomes the courts to Croke Park, and hope we can build on the relationship that has been established over the years by GAA clubs regularly hosting court sittings, when needed."




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